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Zeker niet! - 5,17%

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Ja, 80% tevreden - 39,66%

Ja, 100% tevreden - 25,86%

Ik heb nog geen buggy - 8,62%

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Questions that you might have about mini buggies and karts

There are so many hobbies and activity possibilities out there that involve driving, that you probably will never be able to try them all out. Since you need to choose, then pick only the ones that are most interesting and bring you joy. Formula 1 is a little too expensive and for most people it is not an option at all. But don't give it up just yet, because there are karts, mini formula 1 vehicles that allow everyone to jump on and get some fun on the track. Mini buggies are also quite fun and they can be driven in different environments, so why not try it out.

What you need to know

The most common question when talking of this topic is how much does it cost. Actually you don't need to buy anything to be able to drive a kart or a mini buggy, you can rent them and all the equipment, as well. Prices vary and are nowhere the same, so go to a certain club and just ask what their rate for one hour is.

Another frequent question is about the safety of the whole thing and whether kids can enjoy it as well. Karts and mini buggies are designed so that everyone can drive them, they may not be the most comfortable vehicles that you can drive, but they are quite safe. It is almost impossible to tip them and if accidents happen, then they are minor, because the force involved is very small, since they are not that heavy.

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